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A Rare Case of Ameloblastic Carcinoma Presenting as a Nasal Mass

Patel J, Heo J, Singh T, and Laugharne D

Journal of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, May 2019

The ameloblastic carcinoma is a rare, malignant odontogenic tumour that can behave aggressively with both local tissue invasion and distant metastases. Although the mandible is most commonly affected, others areas of the maxillofacial skeleton can be infrequently involved. This case report describes a rare case of an ameloblastic carcinoma affecting the nasal region in a 34 year-old female who presented with a longstanding swelling of the left nasal cavity. Treatment involved total rhinectomy and post-operative chemo radiotherapy, however 18 months later she developed pulmonary metastasis.

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